Circle Square Ranch Wolf Creek

Dear friends of Circle Square Ranch Wolf Creek,

It is with great sadness and regret that we write to tell you that InterVarsity's Board of Directors has made the decision to close Circle Square Ranch Wolf Creek in Saskatchewan.

We are very grateful to the current core staff team, as well as to the many volunteers, summer staff and ministry partners who have made extraordinary efforts to turn the camp around. Even in the most difficult years of the pandemic, when we could only operate day camps, lives were impacted. We are grateful for the staff, campers and families who met Jesus and grew in faith last summer.

Our board believes this is the most prudent course of action given the current economic climate and fiscal projections for the Ranch. It will take several years and significant funds before the Ranch is able to operate in a break-even position. The infrastructure of the Ranch is in need of repairs and upgrades which significantly limit how quickly we can grow the number of campers and guests we can serve.

Due to the pandemic, the camp was not able to operate in an overnight capacity for two full summers. We began to see some progress toward rebuilding in the past two years, but we also became more fully aware of the infrastructure challenges.

We are grateful to all the staff and volunteers who have contributed to a transformative ministry for the last 38 years. This decision will be particularly hard on camper families, summer staff, and alumni who came to faith and grew as disciples at the Ranch.

We are deeply grateful to all the ministry partners who have invested time, skills, finances and prayers. Please know that the gifts you made to the Ranch over the years enabled ministry to happen.

We are currently working through a plan to ensure the Ranch is shut down appropriately, the horses are cared for and that the many items that represent the important story of the Ranch are carefully preserved. No other decisions have been made at this time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

We have been privileged to steward the Ranch for more than a decade and are deeply saddened by this decision. We recognize that it will come as a particular disappointment to the people in Saskatchewan who know and love the Ranch so well.